Know Your Partner

About United Horses (UHtactical)

The long journey tests a horse.

United Horses is a mirror to a group of steeds,the greatest horses who will assist you to accomplish the uphill tasks,to conquer the formidable challenges,to achieve your magnificent success.

UHtactical's Tactical Gear & Military Products are founded on the rock of Heavy Duty Materials,Top Quality Workmanships and Attractive Pricing.

At the very beginning back to year 2001,we were a trading company without our own production lines.The quality control of OEM factorys were real pains in the neck,and these forced us to set up our own production lines in year 2009 to fulfill our concept of Quality Control and Employee Care.

Rome Was Not Built In a Day!We prevented those mistakes occured in OEM factorys and discovered many hidden ones in our own.

We learn from the feedbacks and great suggestions from valued clients and customers,together with our nonstop demands for perfection,made UHtactical full-fledged.

Lucubrated on every item and field tested them before mass production to improve the designs & functions and figure out the manufacturing plans to minimize the cost and provide products Cheaper Than Dirt.

The passion and love of this industry,the ecouragement & positive feedbacks from clients and customers,the deep in bones motto "Make Every Cent You Spend Worthy",inspire us to keep providing high quality services & products.

Years passed in a flash,people are getting older but UHtactical are becoming younger.Every cliff we overcame,every improvement we made,make UHtactical more energetic,more capable to march together with you for a great journey.

Main Products & Services

UHtactical are professional in producing Tactical Vest, Plate Carrier, Chest Rig, Chest Harness, Military Gun Case, Gun Bag, Military Backpack, Every Day Carry Equipment(EDC), Shoulder Bag, Sling Bag, Hydration Carrier, Elbow Pad, Knee Pad, Modular Pouches (Magazine Pouch, Medical Pouch, Utility Pouch, Radio Pouch, Admin Pouch, Grenade Pouch, Flashlight Pouch, Shotshell Holder, Flashband Pouch, Smoke Pouch ), Leg Rigs, Tactical Belt, Duty Belt, Gun Holster (Drop Leg Holster, Modular Holster, Concealed Holster ), Gun Sling, Helmet Covers.

We design and OEM Tactical Accessories such as Morale Patches, Embroidery Patches, Shemagh, Balaclava, Neck Gaiter, Gloves, Socks, Jungle Hat & Baseball Cap.

Meanwhile,United Horses have great relationships with factorys who are producing Helmet, Bulletproof Plate, Rifle Scope, Red Dot Sight, Bipod, Grips, Mounts, Gun Stocks, Flashlight, Torch, Optics, Goggle, Mask, Glasses, T-shirt, Polo Shirt, BDU, Uniform, TPU Water Bladder.

United Horses provides services for exporting cargos from China such as warehousing, loading container & custom clearance, exchange & payment in local currency. Reprensent you and your company in China for the searching of products & quality control of other OEM factorys.