Make Every Cent You Spend Worthy

Why UHtactical

We were a trading company without our own production lines before year 2009.We do know the pain points of the quality control, lead time and rising of cost from OEM factorys,especially when you are sort of "Perfectionist" like us.

Why are UHtactical your best partner for the OEM services? Because

We experienced what you experienced!

We view & handle problems same as a buyer but not as a producer.

We strive to make our products & services a true reflection of what you ask for.

We Make Every Cent You Spend Worthy!

What are the essentials to make the finest tactical gear & outdoor products?

1.High quality materials and hardware

Customized 1000D nylon fabric with multiple layers of polyurethane backing and water-repellent treated surface,make products durable to withstand abuse in tough invironments, at the same time to keep them lightweight & comfortable.

POM material buckles,as solid as steel.

Mil-spec hooks & loops (velcro),together with nylon threads,provide you the most reliable equipment.

2.Excellent design

The basic principle of an excellent design is to fullfil the demands from users.Be consistently listening to demand & feedback from customer to make production modifications & improvement.Lucubrated on the latest & most advanced information & design in this industry to make ourself proactive to provide products more than customer expected.

3.Finest workmanship

Highly experienced production workers are the most valuable treasure in this industry,even in this high-tech & automatic 21st century.They work efficiently & steady in quality.They are creative and proactive that machines are not able to replace,at less now.

4.Competitive pricing

Long term cooperation with qualified suppliers to keep both the quality and price of materials steady. Experienced workers together with advanced machines to save the lobor cost. A great production schedule before mass production is already the half done. Gain a reasonable profit rate and Make Every Cent You Spend Worthy.