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We have been in this industry since year 2001 and established our production lines in year 2009,in the second year we released our first brand UHtactical for the tactical equipment and military products.

Thanks to our business partners in USA and Europe,we can access to the latest information & resources of this industry,which gain us great value of experience in producing,reserching and designing.

Thanks to our NO COMPROMISE in strictly quality control,not only of the workmanship,but also of all steps during the production such as raw materials and the final test of the endurance and function of the finished products,we are always ready to provide high level OEM services and supply tactical gear & military products which you can count on all over the world.

Thanks to all our experienced machinist and manufacturing workers,most of them have over ten years in producing outdoor products & tactical equipment.They are the greatest foundation & priceless wealth to UHtactical,and one of our advantages to keep our products outstanding from the rest in this industry.

Cost & pricing are same critical elements to keep our products competitive worldwide.Bulk purchase and long-term cooperate with qualified suppliers to save the cost and keep steady quality of raw materials.Advanced intelligent sewing machines & manufacturing equipment which improve up to 50% production capacity and save more than 30% labor cost.

The motto of UHtactical is to Make Every Cent You Spend Worthy!

If you are a brand owner who is looking for a well equipped & high standard OEM seveice provider,UHtactical will be your best partner.

If you are a fighter who is looking for some tough tactical gear which the quality you can count on & at prices Cheaper Than Dirt,UHtactial products will be your second to none choice.

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